• Shakespeare

  • Toni Morrison

  • James Joyce

  • Emily Dickinson

  • Frederick Douglass

  • Jane Austen

  • Chaucer

  • Virginia Woolf

  • Jose Marti

  • Charles Dickens


The Department of English at Rutgers University-Newark:

  • an undergraduate Major in English,
  • an undergraduate Minor in English,
  • an undergraduate Minor in Creative Writing,
  • a Master of Arts (MA) degree in English,
  • a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing

Rutgers-Newark boasts one of the country's most respected English Departments. Entering students with interest in literature and writing will be able to choose from a wide range of courses. Many will make the study of English and American literature the focus of their work, exploring within specialized periods such as the Renaissance or the 19th Century or concentrating on genre courses in fiction, poetry, or drama, or single author courses such as Shakespeare, Milton, and Joyce. Students choosing to study world literature in translation will find among our offerings new courses in African, Caribbean, and Asian literature in English.  Our department offers courses that intersect with Women's Gender Studies, LGBT Studies, Film Studies and African-American Studies.  There are also opportunities to learn creative writing (prose and poetry), business writing, and writing for the Internet and computers.

Explore our web site or arrange a visit to learn more about what the English Department at Rutgers-Newark has to offer you in your educational pursuits.